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A website deserves attention...long after the launch

Updating calendars, adding photographs, editing biographies. Your site is live but you need to keep it current and regularly updated. This is important to your visitors as well as search engines. If a page is not touched, the cobwebs build up, and pretty soon, your “Latest News” section is dated and dusty. This is why Site Maintenance is so important to a quality website. I provide this to my clients in a variety of formats (hourly, retainers, or built into the original cost) as well and to folks who had the site designed by someone else.

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“Can you add these new products?”

ClarkeDesign is always focused on being with you for the lifespan of your website. I promise not to do what I have termed “design-and-ditch” as many clients have been previously subject to. Instead, my contact information, services and smile will always be available to you for the site updates, information changes and the maintenance that comes with a quality current website.

“Can you update my site that someone else did?”

While I would certainly never strive to take business away from a peer, I am always available to work on websites that may no longer be a priority for the original architects. ClarkeDesign is focused on helping with your web page needs along all phases of its lifespan. By respecting the work of others, I am able to preserve your site’s original strengths and design while keeping it current. When the time comes that simply maintaining your site is not enough, I am always willing and able to dedicate myself to a redesign as well, but only when you are ready.

For information on this, please visit Web Design Services.

Unique and attractive HTML email designs are an effective way to stay on your customers radar with news and information. I help you serve it on a silver platter!

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