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Creation, Design, Development, Support

ClarkeDesign is a Shopify Partner, specializing in Shopify e-commerce installation, design and support. Whether you need a new store from the ground-up, or have an existing store and need help taking it to the next level with new themes, apps or just figuring out the best way to get your store in the eyes of customers with SEO, we can help.

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“What is Shopify?”

Shopify is a hosted e-commerce solution* with admin abilities where the client can manage all the content of the site in very easy to use screens once setup and installed. Shopify also allows for shared inventory, so you can sell your products at events, and on Facebook and Instagram.

As great as Shopify is, getting setup can take time and expertise. You take your product serious, and should look at the website as an important tool to invest in properly. Without it, you may miss the mark on the most important part of your success…making the sale!

ClarkeDesign offers the following important services to help your business succeed with Shopify

  • Account setup – everything from choosing the right plan, payment authorization, setting staff accounts, privacy policies and more. Over 100 settings options that we walk through one-by-one to make sure you are set for success.
  • Store Creation – Setup logical navigation and collections, creation of all products, pages, posts and engaging homepage content to entice your customer to make a purchase.
  • Theme Customization – Select and design the perfect theme to match corporate branding, identity and product line. We will help tweak your store so it stands out from other stores.
  • Shipping and Fulfillment – one of the trickiest challenges, making sure the customer is charged the right amount, and you have the ability to send each product to them.
  • Taxes – We help make sure the correct taxes and fees are charged based on where your customer is purchasing from.
  • Training – we will walk you through the entire Shopify environment to ensure the handoff is smooth
  • Domain name hookup – when the time is right we help you make sure your domain name is properly connected to your store.
  • Store Launch – We help your launch be coordinated across all promotional avenues (social media, email blast, blog articles and press releases.
  • Facebook and Instagram Channel setup – Sell your products on these platforms to reach more customers.
  • Support – one the site is live we will stand by your side to help with questions that come up, and ways to make the experience better as you get customer feedback.

Interested in creating a powerful and effective e-commerce website to your business? Let us take you to the next level with Shopify!

* A hosted e-commerce solution means the pages and customer/product/order databases are all stored on Shopify servers, including the secure checkout screens that handle shopping cart and credit card authorization. This differs from paypal e-commerce websites where the hosting is done on a third party company of your choosing. Shopify keeps everything in one place which ensures uptime and solid communication.

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