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Web Production

Design gets the glory, but production work is what makes the design shine. Cutting up the look and feel comps into web ready images, and coding the page in HTML and CSS so it looks the same on different browsers, computers, and screen resolutions is what production entails. A good portion of the efforts I provide is making sure the quality design you approve in the beginning greets you each time you and your clients visit your site.

“The graphics look clean and sharp”

Graphic optimization...A webpage is not one big image dropped on a page, but may contain dozens or even hundreds of graphics exported in web ready formats to be shown in a browser. Each one, from your logo to menu graphics to your photographed product image, is a unique file and deserves its own treatment to compress for quick download but still look great.

“The site looked great at work and at home”

HTML Coding...HTML can be tricky, and each browser offers its own rendering sometimes. This is why I hand-code my web pages and validate them to the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) coding standards so we don’t have any surprises. Once the site is coded, I check the final product across all major browsers, and thoroughly QA the site on different computers and internet connections. If something doesn’t work as intended, I troubleshoot until the page is perfect.

Other places hand off the production and coding to another person, which can lead to a disconnect. I enjoy working on the ‘creative’ and ‘the code’, so you can be assured your website will have a consistent work flow from start to finish.

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