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Beautiful and professional websites to showcase your online brand

Company presence, service/product showcasing, e-commerce, marketing. With millions of competing websites out there, your visitor's experience must include finding your website attractive, easy to navigate, and a quick loading time.

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“Your site looks great”

Attractive custom websites...I take pride in offering every web client a custom design. Rather than work from templates like many other companies, I make a point to get to know the client so I can tailor the website to match their specific needs and their visitor base. Take a peak at my web design portfolio to see the diverse range of site looks I have created.

“I found exactly what I needed”

Easy to navigate...In addition to focusing on an attractive and unique design, it must be functional. Form and function do not have to be mutually exclusive! I strive to make each website easy to navigate, easy to know where the user is at, and most importantly, easy to find the information they want. A great looking site is worthless if the user leaves frustrated because they couldn't find the information they needed. I make sure the site is user friendly.

“Your page loaded right away”

Quick loading pages...The Internet has revolutionized how quickly people can get the information they seek. I make sure your site is designed to load quickly so they do not get an hourglass every time they click a button. By utilizing techniques to compress graphics and animations, pre-load content in the background that you don’t initially need, and re-use elements through pages so they are only downloaded once, I ensure your pages are lean and optimized.

Other places hand off the production and coding to another person, which can lead to a disconnect. I enjoy working on the ‘creative’ and ‘the code’, so you can be assured your website will have a consistent work flow from start to finish.

Attractive custom websites that are easy to navigate and quick to load...that is my checklist for each web design client.

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