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Are you looking to showcase your products on a website? How about a item feature in an ad placement? Designing a brochure and want to show off the company headquarters? If you have a service or a product, people will want to see it. And if the product is great, but the photography is not, you might as well get ready for disappointment.

“Can you take pictures for my website and brochure?”

If you need quality photography of your products, ClarkeDesign can provide it. With experience in darkroom principles, strong composition skills, awareness of lighting and focus, and high quality camera equipment, your products will look like they are sitting in front of the customer, and scenes will invite the viewer in to them.

“Can you do a full photo shoot?”

If a full photo shoot is required, with lighting and backdrops, I am proud to work with several quality photographers who time and time again provide top-notch work. Specialists in scenic, portraits, and product photography can be available for your venture.