Marketing is one of those terms thrown around a lot and it means many things. But rarely do people really grasp what it is. I can help.

I can help you research your market opportunities to promote your business, and your competition. I can help purchase ad space, author press releases, craft mailers and hand-outs and help write the copy.

ClarkeDesign helps you with Marketing. Or as we like to call it... Clarketing!

Marketing Research

Doing the homework leads to good results. The most important aspects of your company's success are knowing your competition, knowing your audience, and knowing how to best promote your product. These three aspects are key to a quality marketing research analysis.

Competitive Research - ClarkeDesign will help in the early stages by evaluating your product or service in comparison to potential competition. Are you competing with big companies or small? New or established? How do their budgets compare to yours? What has worked for them and what has failed? Knowing your competition allows you to find a niche and learn from their mistakes.

Target Research - A target audience is basically who your product or service is aimed towards. Gender, age group, activities, places frequented, income, technology comfort. These are all aspects that help mold a picture of who we wish to cater to with the design and marketing of your company. Color, font choices, verbiage and placement of your product will all be affected by who your audience is, and ClarkeDesign will help determine this group of people.

Promotional Research - Knowing where to sell your items, what stores cater to your clients, what newspapers they might read and what websites they visit. This information is vital to successful marketing. ClarkeDesign can research all of this and present you a plethora of options to work with so you know your company is being seen in the location and via the right medium every day.