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Eloquently and concisely convey your message. A picture may be worth a thousand words, but a word can be worth a thousand happy customers if used correctly. Many times folks will be experts in their industry, but have difficulty helping their clients become experts too. This is where solid copy and verbiage can make a positive difference.

“How can I get all my content written?”

A very important way I help my clients is to offer copywriting services for their website, brochures, mailers, or ad campaign. With an educational background robust in the English language, (and all of its nuances), I am able to work with you on conveying your message to your clientele. Ranging from product descriptions that are strong in keywords for SEO, to an artist's biography who is more apt to writing with paint and brush then with pen and paper, I can help.
(p.s. another example of my qualifications...growing up with a mother who was an English that!)