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iPhone App Design

Looking for a great app design? The iPhone App industry is home to many great ideas, but often times the app lacks a great design to make it stand out and be easy to use. I work with programming teams who need help getting an iPhone app to shine!

“I have an idea and a programmer, I just need it to be designed!”

ClarkeDesign has worked on several great iPhone projects that needed someone to meet with the client, and take their idea and craft something realisitc and easy for programmers to work with. Much too often, apps look like stock Apple templates and lack the uniqueness that websites have been able to achieve. ClarkeDesign has taken its Graphic Design background and skills to help this new market.

If you are someone with an idea and a programming team in place, Clarke Design can help. Or perhaps you an iPhone developer or company looking to team up with an app designer who knows the requirements, strengths and limitations of the Apple/xCode environment. Clarke Design can help with your iPhone App Design.