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Identity Branding

What they see is who you are. Everything related to your company is part of its brand. It is critical that your audience sees a cohesive and appropriate image every time they come across your materials and products.

“My clients recognize me and my product.”

Smaller and newer companies can stack up with larger, more established brands when they take the time to create a solid brand image. ClarkeDesign works to research, create and then publish a strong brand identity for your company.

Centered around the design or your logo or mark, your identity will have a thoughtfully developed look that speaks to who you are and what your message is. Color scheme, typefaces, and visual elements will all be designed to brand your company. Once created, I will ensure that it is consistent on letterhead, packaging, business cards, ads, websites, press releases, and emails. Often times a well thought out identity establishes trust with a customer. If they see that you care about your own image, then they will know you will care about your relationship with them.

Successful and comprehensive branding consist of color schemes, font-choice, logo placement, and slogan/message usage. Examples of successful branding can be seen in UPS with its brown color scheme and Starbucks and its green straw. California Dairy’s “Got Milk?” and Mastercard’s “Priceless” campaigns show how branding a slogan can solidify a company identity. You won’t ever see a Coca-cola marketing piece without its scripty "Spencerian" font prominently displayed.