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Hello my name is Clarke

Hello there about an introduction?

My name is Clarke Graves, owner of ClarkeDesign. I recently left the comfort and confines of my day job doing web design to see if my career dream of running my own design business could succeed. I have always known that someday I wanted to be self-employed, and decided that if I did not take the leap, I would always wonder “what if?”. So in May of 2008, after 10 years in the industry and doing freelance on the side, I made the transition to a full-time self-employed graphic designer. I am as excited as ever to see what fun projects I get to work on with folks like you.

Thats way cool...but what about your timing?

Some may wonder if my timing was poor, with our economy seeing sluggish signs here and discouragement there, to take such a leap. Despite these times of uncertainty, my skill set and competitive rates will be a sign of encouragement for folks looking to have web pages coded, logos designed, and business cards printed up. Many ad agencies and design firms have high overhead and are forced to charge higher rates. I am fortunate though to have the same quality resume and portfolio as others, but with less overhead. I can pass along savings to you. In addition, I specialize in working side-by-side with small businesses and the time and energy to help folks succeed, which can be hard to find in a world where the big clients get special treatment.

So what do you do exactly?

ClarkeDesign offers the following services:

  • Web Design -
    Websites, animated Flash, banners, html emails, e-commerce.
  • Print Design -
    Business cards, letterhead, envelopes, postcard, mailers, logos.
  • Identity Branding -
    Logos, company color schemes, font selections, guideline creations.
  • Multimedia -
    CD-Roms, audio, video, splash page and navigation animation.
  • Marketing Consultation -
    I call this service Clar-ke-ting - marketing with my own little twist.
  • Photography -
    Environment shots, models and portraiture, product photos.

Wow that covers quite a range, but who have you done all that for?

San Diego Chargers

My projects and clients have included professional athletes like Yao Ming and Wayne Gretzky, and teams such as the San Diego Chargers. I have been fortunate to have the chance to showcase talented musicians, artists and photographers. I have worked with start-up retail businesses looking for an online prsence to sell their goods. I have even worked with veterinarians, surfboard shapers, and ukulele makers. That is why I love my work so much. The diversity of clients, mixed with their passion for what they do, creates a fantastic canvas to work on each time.

Can I see some samples of your work?

Absolutely! I invite you to check out my Design Portfolio. There you can see samples of my recent graphic design projects, read testimonials from happy folks, view client lists, and peruse my resume.

Anything else?

Clarke Graves

Yes. I wanted to reiterate my gratitude for taking the time to read all this. Hopefully we can talk in person sometime soon!

Clarke Graves